Returns Policy

  • We (the owner/s and/or employees of “Watercombe Farm Indigenous Tree Nursery”) offer our time/experience/knowledge to anyone who would like to see and know more about the trees we grow and sell and the subsequent aftercare, watering/fertilising etc. Therefore whether the client has chosen to ask for and accept our advice or not… the trees that the client has ordered, whether delivered or not, are non-refundable.
  • “WF” does not allow the return of trees that have been collected/delivered, as once the trees have left “WF” all responsibility falls on the client as the trees are no longer under our care or supervision. To remove a transplanted tree would put the tree/s at risk of dying as transplanting causes stress to the root system and once planted to then uproot the tree would jeopardize and put the tree in further shock with a high risk of dying.
  • “WF” cannot accept any responsibility for trees that have left the farm in good condition, and thereafter in the clients possession/care, have gone into the following states of shock and or subsequent death: withering leaves/drying branches and leaves and/or been exposed to insect damage etc. The responsibility lies with the client to ensure the tree is properly protected/cared for and watered correctly.
    It can be quite normal for trees to display some signs of shock once transplanted, care is needed to ensure the tree returns to good health and condition, please contact us should your trees experience any type of shock and we can advise accordingly.
  • Tree orders are not exchangeable once ordered, as they are marked and advised “not for sale” to other potential customers for the duration until your order is pulled and loaded for delivery, which can be up to 10 days lead time depending on our schedule or the clients preferences.
    Thank you for your understanding and be assured of our best attention to your tree requirements at all times.
No exchange/No return/No refund
Customers may purchase trees via Email, Cell or Online.
Cell: 0833819103