Dan Hunt is passionate about the environment and has taken on the project to clean-up the Zandspruit River. He has done a fantastic job of removing litter, flood debris and alien vegetation. The project has involved a complete rehabilitation of the river area where he has landscaped the banks, brought in rocks, planted indigenous trees and shrubs as well as bringing in grass to create a wonderful park area along the rivers banks.
He is currently extending the project to a new area along the river and has already started with the clean-up project and the planting of shrubs.
Support Dan, by GOING GREEN for Arbour week this year in the first week of September. Be part of the solution in rehabilitating our environment and creating a beautiful world for generations to come.
Buy a  “Plant a Tree Gift Voucher” for the Zandspruit River clean-up project.
Special offer: Buy 5 trees, get one free
The indigenous tree’s identified have been grown in 50 and 100 litre bags. This ensures that they already have established root systems and have endured several frosty, cold winters in Gauteng. They therefore have a higher certainty of survival and because they are already large tree’s, will be well established in a couple of years time

100 Litres @ R695 ex vat
200 Litres @ R1500 ex vat
Compost @ R29.95 ex vat
Delivery @ R150 ex vat
Planting @ R100 ex vat
Dan aims to plant all the trees in Arbour Week this year which runs between 1 – 7 September.
Contact us on: 083 381 9103 or email us to buy your Gift Voucher now

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