The Netcare Heart and Lung Transplant Division celebrate their birthday every year, by giving all their patients who have undergone transplants throughout the year, an indigenous tree. This year Watercombe Farm donated the trees, for this auspicious occasion and the tree of the year, the Acacia Xanthophloea (Fever Tree) was handed over to each patient at the annual event.
netcareThe contribution which Netcare make in the lives of these individuals is immeasurable and patients, who lead new lives after their transplants are honoured with a gift that lasts for years to come.
Watercombe Farm was proud to be involved in this amazing, heart-warming event, where people from all walks of life overcome major conditions with bravery and determination, and go on to lead normal lives.
To all the patients of the Netcare Heart and Lung Transplant Division – we wish to all the best in your recovery and thank you for showing us  how valuable our lives are. Thank you for the lessons you taught us in living each day to the fullest and to appreciate the wonderful blessings we have.

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