Combretum Krausli

Combretum Krausli

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Forest Bush-Willow

Combretum kraussii, the forest bushwillow, is a medium-sized to large tree[1] of eastern South Africa, Swaziland and southern Mozambique, which is found within, or in the vicinity of forests. The specific name commemorates Dr. F. Krauss who undertook a collecting trip to South Africa from 1838 to 1840.
The trees are semi-deciduous, as spring leaves only partially replace old foliage. These forest trees become conspicuous in late spring, when the fresh leaves turn to a pale, almost white colour, before returning to green by mid-summer. In winter the foliage turns partially red or purple, which is shed just before flowering starts. The fresh clusters of four-winged fruit are a colourful red or yellowy red colour, before they dry to mid-brown.
It is closely related to Combretum nelsonii which occurs in rockier habitats, and bears a resemblance to the larger leaved Combretum woodii, which is similarly distributed, but in bushveld.


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